Wait, what are the valleys again?

Sometimes I get so confused when people use analogies. Let’s take the classic mountain/valley scenario off of the shelf and offer it up for examination, shall we? I get the whole high and low thing. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. Here’s what I don’t get:

  • From the mountaintop you can see everything so clearly. In the valley your vision is obscured by the shadow cast from the mountain.
  • In the highest mountain peaks it is cold, every step forward is a struggle, the lack of oxygen impedes your thoughts and physical abilities. In the valleys, your path is carpeted with lush grasses, there is abundant vegetation to eat and you’ll often find life-sustaining streams to quench your thirst.
  • Eagles soar, alone, in the mountains. Sheep flock together, guided by a shephard, in the valley.
  • High on the mountain vegetation is often sparse and you can see most obstacles as you approach them. In the valley, vegetation can often be so thick that you cannot see threats as you approach them.
  • Coming down from the mountain is “easy”: it’s downhill and you’ve already seen the lay of the land from your high vantage point. Climbing up and out of the valley can be a struggle; it’s all uphill.
I’m sure the list goes on. I see the valid pros and cons of each. For some, the mountain is the shizzle. For others, the mountain is the fizzle. Me? Lately I’m diggin’ the plateaus.

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