The Age of Supplementation

Last month I embraced thirty with open arms. Well, maybe they weren’t open… they weren’t folded tightly closed either. Time is marching on, with or without me, so I figured I had better get on board.

My birthday was lovely, really. It was every bit as chaotic as any other day here and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. My family surprised me with a couple of gifts that caught me totally by surprise. Some thoughtful, some sweet and some totally foreign to me (the  gift certificate to the nail salon?!). My favorite part though was all of the extra affection. When someone in this house has a birthday they can feel the love. You get a birthday countdown: extra tight squeezes when they shower you with hugs the night before. Winks as they scuttle up the stairs for bed, whispering anything-but-discretely about their plans for your special day. Birthday mornings are filled with early risers, sloppy kisses, kids hopping excitedly on one foot waiting for you to gasp in surprise at whatever shenanigans they’ve cooked up for you. Cards, goofy gifts, serenades. They/we go all the way.

But now that thirty has settled in on me I am beginning to realize that I’m getting to an age where I need to start taking care of myself better. Today I sat down with my supplement cocktail and counted out the pills. When the number of pills in your daily regimen exceeds the number of days in a week, you know you’re no spring chicken anymore.

Here’s  today’s fistful:

Daily Regimen

2X 500mg Goldenseal (2x/day)for my immune system/sinus health (I sound old already)

2X Fish Oil 1200 mg + Vitamin D 1000 IU (2x/day) to stabilize my mood: the omega 3’s help me combat my depression

1x Viactiv Complete Women’s Formula because I’m a woman

1X CoQ10 30mg for heart health since I’m genetically predisposed to heart disease

2X Cranberry 2000 mg plus Vitamin C (2x/day) because I’m a girl… and sometimes “girl stuff” happens.

2X Everlast Defense because the shrooms, berries, roots, etc. boost immunity and bacterial health

1x Viactiv Calcium chew for strong, healthy teeth and bones since I have birthed four beautiful children


I feel like a walking GNC. I haven’t a clue how my urine is affecting the water supply.


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