Appropriately Attired

Today I wore my wicked-fly workout clothes. Between my ultra-reinforced compression leggings, a super slick sport bra with titanium-laced (and very unforgiving) elastic bands and an aerodynamic athletic quarter-zip top, this girl had every inch of jiggle on lockdown. Back flab on notice, ya’ll. Locked. Down. 

I’m not ashamed to admit that I gave every last ounce of energy that I had this morning and, frankly, I worked up quite a sweat. At one point I was gasping for air and I’m sure my eyes were nearly bulging out of my head. You know that vein that stands out on your forehead in times of extreme exertion? Check. There were times that I felt like throwing in the towel. But you know the old saying, “no pain, no gain”. I was in it to win it; never give up, NEVER SURRENDER!! 

Believe me when I say I *felt*the*burn*!! But I will tell you this: the money I spent on my new exercise duds was worth every cent. I got SUCH a workout from getting into that ridiculously cute outfit… I’m sure I burned at least 500 calories. I would *highly* recommend putting on compression-based clothing as a rigorous form of exercise to anyone. Not only do you get a highly demanding workout in, you look great afterwards (as long as you take a moment to readjust your ponytail, ladies).

For those of you looking to take your workout a little further, you can keep your calorie blasting session rocking out loud when you try to get OUT of that sports bra in the evening. For ultimate total-body conditioning wait until your pre and post workout beverages kick in (thumbs up for staying hydrated, girls!), then try to wrangle out of your workout gear while doing a potty dance. If dancing isn’t your thing, you can still do some killer leg crosses to “hold it in” while you’re struggling to liberate your lovely lady lumps. Just tighten those glutes and HOLD.

Here’s a little pro-tip from yours truly: start a stopwatch when you begin prying your spandex chest manacle off. Try to “best” your time each evening but don’t neglect to stretch beforehand. Nothing says “I overdid it” like a dislocated shoulder.


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