Meet the Peas

Our home has been blessed with four *spunky* little Kunkels:

The Original Pickle: Born in May 2002, our first little girl broke the ice. She won over our hearts and eased us into a false sense of security. Easy going, pacifier loving, sleep addicted little cherub that she was, she made us feel like we were ready to take on the world! Today she is our literary genius and resident tree climber. She has her nose in the books and in her heart in nature. Diagnosed in 2011 with Asperger Syndrome, she is my little woodland nymph.

The Spunky Kunk: Born in November 2003, our second daughter proved to us that we had no clue what we were doing as parents. She was fiesty, cried often (as in, always) and hated her father. Oh, how I wish I had known about baby wearing in those days (that silly bjorn carrier was for the birds!). She was my little appendage; she slept with me, showered with me, shopped with me, cooked with me, screamed unless she was held by me… and often even while she was in my arms. Today, she is my right hand gal; an incredible, competent helper. My cranky countenance seems to have osmosed to her during her early, formative months as she can be a little bit of a grump but I take full responsibility for that. She is always looking for thoughtful ways to brighten someone’s day; she will often clean Dad’s desk or make Mom an iced coffee and leave a little love note with them.

Snuggle Bug: Born in April 2007, our third daughter taught us that we had a chance to redeem ourselves as parents. She fussed, she slept peacefully. She refused a pacifier but would settle in after a bit of snuggling. She was bright, always trying to catch up to her older sisters. At 18 months old, she could recognize every letter in the alphabet and would say words like “capillaries” and “cantankerous” in proper context. Always wanting to climb in a lap, give a kiss or get a hug, she is one to melt your heart.

Captain CrazyLegs: Born in September 2009, our first (and likely only) son has changed our lives forever. He started life with a broken clavicle and a heart murmur. After those had both healed up beautifully he came down with the H1N1 influenza virus and pneumonia when he was 6 weeks old, giving me the grand opportunity to spend some time in the hospital with him once again. Way to get some great one on one time with Mom! We spent the next two months quarrantined at home but he has been non-stop GO ever since! He is our curious little man and is nixy to the max. He has proven the statement “Girls are different than Boys” to be true a hundred times over.


2 thoughts on “Meet the Peas

  1. these are great descriptions!!!


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